Snow Sleds

24 Inch Snow Riderz

24" Snow Riderz

These saucer sleds provide tons of fun for all ages. With handles and a 24" base to sit or kneel on, kids will feel safe and secure riding their favourite character down the hill. The board itself is also very light and easy to carry so they can toboggan all day long!

36 Inch Snow Riderz

36" Snow Riderz

These fun sleds are accompanied by great characters and a great design. Children who aren't big enough for the larger boards shown below can ride just like the big kids on our scaled down 36" Snow Rider. Whether it's the hill out back or the local toboggan hill, this sled will be a load of fun for kids of all ages!

X Games

48" Summit Surfer

Conquer the mountain with the world's first combination sled! This adjustable board allows you to blast down the mountain with your choice of 2 riding modes. Sit down and hang on to blast down the hill or lift up the straps to ride down just like a real snowboard. Whether sitting down or standing up, this board will absolutely make YOU the coolest kid on the hill!

Patended Polar Grip technology included. This board comes with a ribbed bottom which grips into the snow for better traction, control, and speed.